This contemporary view of identities as brands is suffocating. A person is not a brand. A person is not either good, harmless, or, when it makes a mistake, an evil to be boycotted. And likewise, boycotting something bad, cannot automatically make someone good. Harm is in everyone. We all see and do things in ways that are bad for others, so nevermind our self-image.

Does that mean we should engage in a neverending war over perspectives? I think it means we have to do all we can to curb any power that solely represents a single perspective, including our own. I really don’t believe it is ever any specific person’s wrong step causing things to be bad. Instead I think we should ask ourselves how this person, group or we ourselves have gotten enough power that this could indeed bring harm to others. This is never actually about the other. If we want to live in a less Machiavellian society can we please try and be honest enough to not see ourselves as the good ones? We are the Machiavellians. I’m so tired of people being judged right or wrong, cemented in identity, instead of a being that can make mistakes. This creates the illusion that as long as we support the good people, the clean ones that did not take any wrong steps, we can be equally good and clean. Please! That is turning the simple fact that the individual, the group and the earth cannot share a single perspective into a horrid ideological war of identity against identity, of good vs bad traits. For the sake of a better world, can we please try and be a little more evil, and a little less of a person and take our steps to a better world from there, so that earth can become a place of interaction instead of a stage to act out our illusions?

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