Max Ernst Museum, Friendly Riot, AR installation in collaboration with Snap AR & Lenslist during Surreal Futures, Brühl, Germany

Marais DigiARt, NATUS IN ANGULO, site-specific AR, part of a group exhibition throughout the Marais, Paris, France

Meta Spark, documentary feature on community & design with Meta Spark, Meta, World Wide Web

AWE 2023, installation of AR at the Snapchat Lounge

Coachella 2023, Mirage Oasis, part of a large collaboration with Will Selviz, Heather Dunaway Smith, Jan Trejo, Luke Hurd, Lianne Baron, Meta & Coachella

XR Community, public talk about AR & Interactive Design, Ordina, Utrecht, Netherlands

< 2023

Lenslist, Entropical Island, world-building collaboration with Lenslist exhibiting my AR works, World Wide Web

Cinekid, Le Voyeur, AR installation, group-exhibition organized by The Hmm, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Internet Archive, In Re Production of Tangible Things, an exhibition organized by The Internet Archive, World Wide Web

Collectief Ondergrond, Flamingos and Hedgehogs, a collaboration with with Brian Mckenna and Mike Ottink, group exhibition, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Museumnacht Amsterdam: Huize Frankendael, Seeds of Destruction, a performance by Duo Feigenbaum: Esmee Geerken & Gijs Wahl, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Stadhausgalerie Münster, IMMERGO IDENTIDUM by CIVIC VIRTUE, group exhibition Münster, Germany

Künstlerhäuser Worpswede, residency with CIVIC VIRTUE, Worpswede, Germany

W139, The Grand Tour Homecoming, solo exhibition by CIVIC VIRTUE, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Kunstverein Milano, The Cloth of Vittoria, CIVIC VIRTUE, solo exhibition, Milano, Italy

Lettergieterij Tetterode, Type & Characters, CIVIC VIRTUE, group exhibition curated by Paul Gangloff, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Fat Form, Present Forever: 55 Contemporary Dutch Artists, with Ruchama Noorda, group-exhibition, Amsterdam, Netherlands

After The Butcher, CIVIC VIRTUE IV, by CIVIC VIRTUE with Kinga Kiełczyńska, solo exhibition, Berlin, Germany

Hinterconti, The Office of Propaganda, CIVIC VIRTUE, solo exhibition, Hamburg, Germany

Stadthausgalerie Villa Dessauer, CIVIC VIRTUE II, CIVIC VIRTUE with James Beckett, solo exhibition, Bamberg, Germany

ARTI ET AMICITIAE, CIVIC VIRTUE, group exhibition curated by Geirthrudur Finnbogadottir Hjorvar with Ruchama Noorda, Brian McKenna, Gijs Wahl and Mounira Al Sohl, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ellen de Bruijne projects, Experience As Infinite Possibilities, group exhibition to complete the interdisciplinary research honors program of the Rietveld Academy & the University of Amsterdam

GEM, selection of finals of the Royal Academy of The Hague, Den Haag, Netherlands

Royal Gallery, De Keuze, a curated selection of graduates by Rudi Fuchs, Den Haag, Netherlands