Contact me to develop surreal and engaging experiences that inspire people to move, have fun and express themselves. While I mainly work as a new media artist I do take on commissions or speak at public events. Whether commercial, social or artistic, I am always open to discuss exciting ideas and projects.

My work naturally aligns with concepts that celebrate diversity, creativity, self-expression and change. Through my works I seek to open up a space for a close and personal encounter that does not push an idea but seeks connection and interaction.

To make a successful mixed or augmented reality effect means reiterating the feel of a campaign or a project rather than just representing or translating a visual into another medium. An effect hacks right into peoples reality so it is crucial to offer them a meaningful experience rather than an intrusion. I do not design augmented reality effects for brands that wish to directly sell a product. I work with you to bring across a vibe, a vision, an experience. Because of this, my work generally fits well with the music and fashion industries.

To design AR works I use Meta Spark, Lens Studio & Effect House, and various 3D and AI programs. To date my personal effects have amassed 4.5 billion views across Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok, and have been used in over 10 million reels to date.

I am a Meta Spark AR Network Partner & Snap Lens Network Partner and proudly worked with: