I am a new media artist dedicated to experimentation and investigation of new digital and physical matter. My designs often appear simple yet imbued with their own reflections. I studied fine art at the Royal Academy in the Hague and philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. I didn't combine these two disciplines to understand art through philosophy, but to get rid of any such hierarchies of thought. On the contrary, I want to mobilize art to help push theoretical understanding back into the creative motion it shares with art and with life in general. By continuously interweaving experimentation with reflection, I try to trace change.

The most exhilarating characteristic of life is change. Everything is susceptible to it, yet it remains elusive to any understanding based on categories. Nonetheless, we all experience change. Through my work I seek to reimagine and reignite the relationship between our understanding and this intimate evasiveness. If this relation does possess a shape, it is not as an idea or a form: it takes the shape of an experience.

Even in my earliest creative endeavors, I yearned to liberate every finished work by setting it back into motion. Free from conclusion, it was however not free from me and my determinations. In Social Augmented Reality I discovered an exciting new form of artistic expression free from such personal determinations: every user of the work literally recreates and thereby alters it. In social AR experiences, creations do not culminate in static objects or images; they persist, proliferate and metamorphose through user repetition. These experiences lack a final shape yet remain unmistakably recognizable as aesthetic and cultural phenomena. Such forms are continually re-cast and simultaneously endure and evolve through these diverse personal and singular experiences.

I believe we are undergoing a paradigm shift, transitioning from goal- and object-oriented thinking to a sensibility focussed on the movement of creation itself: the ability of any entity to move through time and, through this movement, to create. In other words, a shift from representation to experience; from the completed work to the movement of creation itself—an activity that infinitely multiplies and transforms. Never collapsing into a single reality, it is an endless celebration of mixed perspectives and infinite details.

We can begin to reimagine what it means to experience: to be distinct, singular and unique in space, time, shape and perspective yet interconnected with everything else in all our movements, as they are influenced by and alter the rhythms we all share.