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Gijs Wahl is a mixed reality artist-philosopher from The Netherlands. He studied fine art at the Royal Academy in the Hague, and philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. Instead of forging some grand unison of these disciplines in some ideal virtual reality, he pits them against each other as a strategy to escape any such all too conclusive perspectives. 

Gijs’ works aim to interfer with the dynamic sphere that gives rise to languages, thoughts and visions. This sphere exists through ceaseless interaction and constant change. Gijs seeks the interactions that continually establish and undo reality as a never ending process of being and ceasing. Because he is not looking for any isolated thruths the most he can state is that everything is ever only half-true, and that half stands in the past.

Mixed Reality art is a new form of art in which experiences are not simply symbolized by and contained in pictures or objects. It exist purely in and through the interaction that multiplies and changes it. Mixed Reality is not only a coming together of different planes of expression, such as the physical and the digital, but more importantly, the concept itself implies that reality, in order to say real at all, is in dire need of mixture, as our only reality is multiple realities.